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Custom Built Cases

For a free quote on a custom made case to fit your needs,

Please include the following information:

1) The size of the case you want (Length, Width, and Height) 
2) What kind of basic form you want it to take (use one of our cases for an example and tell us what you want different.)
3) If you want mirrors, black surface panels, clear panels, or the image of the track wall and crowd.

  Please allow 10 working days for custom cases.
Work is started when payment is received.
  To order, first contact us for a quote on your custom built case.
Send check or money order to:

Race Action Displays
9681 SW Greenville Rd.
Greenville, MI  48838

PH.# 1-800-760-9424
Fax # (616) 754-7516

Cases will be shipped via UPS Ground delivery unless
a faster service is requested.  Rush deliveries will be
sent per the customer's request.

For custom case orders:
shipping will be C.O.D., as shipping charges will be
determined by case size and wieght.
The cases must be first paid in full by check or
money order.  The order will then be shipped
with the shipping cost as C.O.D.

Dealers:  contact us for pricing.